New services

  • Drexel agricultural checmical products
  • Cont. Ind. float plant & garden ag covers
  • Fabpro bale net twine, wrap and bale-lok
  • Bridon Cordage bale twine
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Primary contacts

Home Office
Shepherdsville, Ky
Tel.: 502-543-2600

Martin Settles
Jim Hamilton


Since 1980, Continental Industries, Inc. offers a range of products including agricultural crop covers, mud control/soil stabilization fabrics, straw blankets and staples, twine and net wrap supplies, and oyster shell. In Addition, Continental Industries, Inc. serves as a manufacturer’s rempresntative for a large chemical company, Drexel. Continental Industries, Inc. is committed to providing value added quality products with responsive and dependable customer service.

Our Products

We carry a range of diverse products for the ag industry. Please click below to see our diverse line.

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